Resource Planning with Artificial Intelligence

What if you can reduce unnecessary travel times, increase work utilization and employee satisfaction with Artificial Intelligence?

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Today's world becomes increasingly dynamic. On one hand, employees desire work flexibility and ask for purposeful activities matching their personal preferences. On the other hand, companies need to meet fluctuating resource demand with changing labor supply at every point in time.

How can you as a leader apply dynamic planning procedures in your organization to match demand with supply? What is an optimal and efficient personnel planning strategy for your organization? Can an algorithmic planning engine optimize and improve personnel deployment with the help of Artificial Intelligence? Existing concepts must be reconsidered in times of rapid change in habits, thinking and working methods.

In this exploration workshop we will evaluate the potential opportunities in your organization. We will thoroughly analyze possible uses of algorithmic optimization solutions together with our experts. We want to reduce unnecessary travel time, increase labor utilization and employee satisfaction together!


The Exploration workshop is aimed at leaders and employees in executive positions in personnel planning, digitalization and IT strategy.


The workshop is tailored to the needs and desires which we determine and define together in advance. We assemble our team of experts on an individual basis.



After you have registered for the workshop series, we will contact you for further information.